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Newsletter 227 – 17th August 2016

Our August Concert We didn’t have an August concert, instead we changed I in to a practice night. This was because myself and Rebecca were away and it was easier to run it as a practice night instead of trying to arrange someone to set up the amplifier, speakers and run the night. BUT instead […]

Newsletter 226 – 6th July 2016

John Robinson

Our July Concert We didn’t have a July concert because the Priory Club took an all day booking on that day and cancelled our booking. For logistical reasons there is also no concert this month, but we are still meeting on what would have been a concert night, but we have changed it to a […]

Newsletter 225 – 15th June 2016

Colin Ensor

Our June Concert Our June Meeting started with Patrick Halpin playing A Working Man and McAlpines Fusiliers. Our next players was Arthur Frankland playing Fields Of Athenry, Danny Boy, Midnight In Moscow and Ashokhan Farewell.  Gordon Priestly was our next player, Gordon started with Rochdale Coconut Dance then continued with Vienna Forever, Bianca Capana, La […]

Newsletter 224 – 18th May 2016

Our May Concert Our  May concert started with Gordon Priestley playing Weasel’s Revenge, Poste Cardiale, Style Musette, La Noyee and Vienna Forever. Rebecca then played Snow Waltz, Bianca Cappana and My Wild Irish Rose. Next we had a Justin Graham who had travelled over from Halifax to visit the club, Justin played a Selection of […]

Newsletter 223 – 20th April 2016

Our April Concert Our April concert started with David Rigby, he got us off to a good start with Snow Waltz and Good Old Summertime, he continued with The Wild Rover, The Spinning Wheel and finally Highland Cathedral. John Lennox was our second player of the night, John started with Let’s Do It as a […]

Newsletter 222 – 16th March 2016

Our March Concert Our  March concert started with Sara Daly playing Please Don’t Talk About Me, Envikens Waltz, Fathers Waltz and Out On The Myra. Our next player was Colin Ensor playing Down Forget Me Not Lane, Love Letters In The Sand, Whispering and Charmaine. For a change I went on early and played Triste […]

Newsletter 221 – 17th February 2016

Newsletter 221 – 17th February 2016

Our February Concert Our February concert started with myself playing Triste Sourire, Whispering Hope and American Patrol. Our next player was Gordon Priestly playing Vienna Forever, No Place Like Home, Rochdale Coconut Dance and melody Moments. Arthur Frankland then took ot the stage and gave us Amanda’s Waltz, Sarah’s Waltz, Midnight In Moscow and Little […]

Newsletter 220 – 20th January 2016

Newsletter 220 – 20th January 2016

Our January Concert Our January concert started with John Lennox playing Bridges Of Paris, La Vie En Rose and Padam Padam. Our next player was Graham Crow playing 76 Trombones, Something Stupid and A German March. Next on stage was Bernard Bamber playing Your Cheating Heart, Take These Chains and Mothers Old Armchair.  It was […]

Newsletter 219 – 16th December 2015

Newsletter 219 – 16th December 2015

Our December Concert Our December concert started with David Rigby playing Loveliest Night, Snow Waltz, Que Sera Que Sera, Good Old Summertime and Highland Cathedral. Our next act was a quartet with Patrick Halpin on Accordion. Bernard Bamber on Accordion, John Robinson on Keyboard and Harvey Seager on Banjolele, they gave us a selection of […]

Newsletter 218 – 18th November 2015

Newsletter 218 – 18th November 2015

Our November Concert Our November concert started with Patrick Halpin playing Amazing Grace, Macalpines Fusiliers, Danny Boy, Two Horses, Dirty Old Town, O Susanna and Galway Bay. Our next player was Arthur Frankland who started with Midnight In Moscow, Arthur continued with Fields Of Athenry, Mysterious Wood, Cavatine, Danny Boy, Waltz D’Amelie, Bonny Banks of […]