Our July Concert

Our July Concert started with David Rigby playing Loveliest Night of the year, The Good Old Summertime, Daisy, Spinning Wheel, Wild Rover, Old Rugged Cross, Highland Cathedral, Now Is The Hour, Snow Waltz, My Bonny and After The Ball Is Over. Our next player was John Lennox playing Those Were The Days, Delilah, Bridges Of Paris, Under Paris Skies, Cabaret, Mountains Of Mourne and Slievenamon, It was my turn to play and I had time for a longer piece, so I played Crusing Down The River, I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, Old Bull And Bush, Lassie From Lancashire, A Yorkshire Girl, A Gordon For Me, I Belong to Glasgow and Keep Right On. Colin Ensor then took to the stage and played Island Of Dreams, You’ll Never Know, May You Always, Sunshine Of Your Smile, Someday, Who’s Sorry Now, Love Letters in the Sand, La Vie En Rose, Under Paris Skies, Greatest Mistake Of My Life and You Are Everywhere. It was now break time and a great time for everyone to catch up with each other. After a lot of chat we started the music again with Rebecca Parker playing Moon River, My Wild Irish Rose, Bianca Capanna and Glamour Girl. Bernard Bamber then took to the stage playing Margie, Walking My Baby Back Home, Side By Side, Kiss Me Good Night Sergeant Major, Siegfried Line, Tipperary, Pack Up your Troubles, Don’t Dilly Dally, Auf Wiedersehen and All The Nice Girls Love A Sailor. Our next player was Sara Daly playing A Granddaughters Dream, Envikens Waltz, One Alone (from Desert Song), Norweigian Waltz, Didn’t we have A Lovely Time The Day We Went To Bangor, You Made Me Love You, Waltz of the Little Girls and Fathers Waltz. It was 11.30 before we all vacated the room as there was a lot more catching up to do after the music had ended. It had been another great night thanks to the players who performed and not forgetting the people who came along to be the audience.

David Batty


This Wednesday

This Wednesday is a Local Players Night, please remember to bring your accordion whether you have practised or not. We love to hear all levels of players, one of the best parts of Local Players nights is the variety of styles, skills and levels we hear during the night. We can cheer the beginners on and at the same time wish we could play like some of the more advance members of the club. Remember to bring any friends or family who might like a night out. Doors open at 7.30 for an 8pm start. Make sure you get there early for a good seat and a good chat with others before the concert starts. See you there.


My Day Job When Not Running The Club

I often get asked what I do for a living so I though I would let people know in the newsletter. I write computer software, design websites for small businesses, create mobile phone applications, video filming and editing, digital sound recording and along with Rebecca I deliver various computer courses. If you know of anyone looking for any of these services please let myself or Rebecca know.


September Guest Artist

For September we have booked Julie Best and Jean Corrighan as our guests. Julie said she has created an all new programme of music to entertain us. Please make sure you try to make it to this event, to what we know will be a great concert, Julies playing always goes down well at the club and is not to be missed.


Leyland Festival Rearranged

The Leyland Festival will now take place on 22 – 23 September 2012. The Festival will provide a weekend of family fun with a wide choice of activities. Further details to be announced shortly. The decision to rearrange the event was taken by the Leyland Festival Committee on Friday lunchtime, after water flooded the footpaths at the award-winning park following a torrential downpour on Friday, it became clear that the safety – not to mention the enjoyment – of participants and visitors could not be guaranteed if the outdoor activities went ahead. All July Festival tickets will be valid for the September dates. For more information telephone 01772 625441



Accordionist Wanted

We received an email asking if any members were interested in joining a newly formed band. “We are 3 mature (35 years plus) capable amateur musicians looking to play a wide variety of acoustic style folk music, all genres are being considered at the moment, we all live near Wigan and have rehearsal space sorted, we play a range of instruments from electro acoustic guitars, bass, banjo, harmonica, percussion and vocals, we are looking to play for enjoyment locally and perhaps a few gigs in the future.” If you are interested in joining email pete.andrews@blueyonder.co.uk


Digitaly Re-mastered Club Tape now on CD

In 1998 I invited some of the players to my house and made some nice recordings of some of their best pieces. These were put together and released as Cassette Tapes of sounds from the club, the players who donated tracks to the production included Steve Roxton and Walter Perrie. The recordings were all done digitally with a computer but were only output on to audio cassette at the time. Although the reports were that the quality of the tapes were excellent, I have had many requests to move these recordings on to CD’s. I have just created the first CD from the digital master copies on the computer and will have copies at the club on Wednesday. The tracks include Under Paris Skies, Accordion Polka, Plaisir D’Amour, My Florence, Figaros Aria, Whistling Rufus, Dancing In The Dark, Swunderful, I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now, La Cumparsita, Bavarian Summer, Love Story, Lucie E Ombre, Sailors Hornpipe Medley, Dancing Dustman, Coquette, Fisarmonica Impazita, The Big Parade, In The Mood, Moonlight Serenade, Parisian Holiday Medley, Return To Sorrento, Granada, and to finish The National Anthem / Closedown. This CD is a great reminder of some of the pieces heard of the club, of some of the players who are no longer with us, and is a great source of inspiration for your own playing. The recordings have no multitracking or other tricks, and are a faithful representation of a person playing their accordion. If you are a player then I am sure you will find much inspiration in the 23 tracks for your own playing. The CD costs £8 if collected from the club or add £2 for UK postage. Proceeds go towards booking more guest artists.


Accordions For Sale

Cooperativa 120 Bass accordion for sale, this red accordion has 41 Keys and is in good condition. £300 contact Ken on 01244 379428

Roland FR2
Second Hand Roland FR2 electronic 96 bass piano accordion for sale, this is in mint condition with cables and instruction Manual. The price also includes a top of the range case with wheels and handle to pull behind you. Price £800.00. If you are interested then email alexandermcmanus36@yahoo.co.uk


Accordion That Plays Itself

The Accordomotion is an accordion that genuinely plays itself. This Accordion modification which is designed by Rob Barker Organs is mounted on an circular base, everything is self contained. Just plug in and play. The air is supplied by an almost silent electric blower so the accordion inflates while an SD MIDI controller sends the music signals to hidden solenoids under the keys to move them up and down, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the performance. A 48 bass accordion will comfortably play 4 octave chromatic arrangements, whereas a 96 or 120 bass accordion will handle almost anything. Prices which start at £1500 (with 20 tunes) vary depending on the size and make of accordion used, you can even supply your own for Rob to bring to life! To watch a video of the Accordomotion in action visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_ICWeE_Y0E on the Internet. For more information about the Accordion modification contact Rob on 01406 330162 or you can email robbarker@26thecottage.freeserve.co.uk


The 40th Flyde Folk Festival

The 40th Fylde Folk Festival takes place from Friday 31st August until Sunday 2nd September 2012 at various venues around Fleetwood, and promises to be a celebration of Folk Music Song and Dance. The Fylde Folk Festival attracts around 3000 people every year including festival & club organisers, agents, concert promoters, arts organisations etc who have come to enjoy the music and the friendly atmosphere in the various hotels, pubs and outdoor events. Online, Tickets Available from the Marine Hall box office at www.marinehall.co.uk, you can order tickets by ringing 01253 887693 (Major Credit/Debit cards are accepted). You can get further Information about the festival from the organisers on 01253 872317. Acts booked to play include Show of Hands, Vin Garbutt, John Tams & Barry Coope, Roy Bailey, Grace Notes, Bob Fox, The Wilsons, The Outside Track, The Young’Uns, The Paul McKenna Band, Alistair Anderson, Ben & Joe Broughton, Harpeth Rising (USA), David Francey Duo (Can), The Hut People, Dana & Susan Robinson (USA), Marie Little, Martyn Wyndham-Read & Iris Bishop, Elbow Jane, Emily Portman Trio, Brian Peters, Jez Lowe & Kate Bramley, Alan Bell Band, Anthony John Clarke, Gary & Vera Aspey, Hughie Jones, Jaywalkers (BBC Folk Awards Finalists), Stanley Accrington, Scolds Bridle, Anna Shannon, Paul Metsers (NZ), Striding Edge Band, Derek Gifford, Doc Harvey & The Philistans, The Captain’s Crew, Thistle, Troubadour, Ian Gartside Band, Peter & Barbara Snape, Andrew Green, Fleetwood Mashers, Ethan Thomas, Camellia, Howard Bond, Penny Black, Dylan Owen, Hard Times, Past Carin’, Red Duster, Bruce Hogg, The A69 Band, Joe & Maureen Nicholson, Festival Ceilidh Band, Dave Walmisley, Spitting on A Roast, Rapunzel & Sedayne, Ian Brandwood, Paul D. Wrigley, Jenny Coxon, Ursula- Holden Gill, Ramblin Riversiders, Blue Pig Orchestra, The Sail Pattern and Mersey Rigger