Our May Concert

Our May concert started with Bernard Bamber playing Melancholy Baby, Heart of My Heart, You Always Hurt The One You Love, Your Cheating Heart, Maggie and My Happiness. Our next player Colin Ensor played Please, Domino, Balalika and Charmaine. John Robinson then played Red Rose Café, The Minstrel, Foral Dance and Goodbye Mursheen Durkin. Helen Rich made her debut at the club playing Gypsy Mood, Valse Lyrique, Happy Go Lucky and Desoeuvre which Helen Composed herself at 15 years old. It was now time for Rosemary Wright to start her guest artist spot. Rosemary had driven over to Leyland from Blackpool where she was a performer at an accordion festival. The festival coincided with our concert and therefore gave use the opportunity to book Rosemary without her having to make the drive up from Leicester just for one night. Rosemary started by playing Waltz 2 from Jazz Suite No.2, this was followed by A Scandinavian Suite of Swedish Wedding, Norwegian Night and Danish Dinner. The accordion favourite Barcarolle from The Tales Of Hoffman was followed by Sing Sing Sing, The Grasshoppers Dance, Prelude to Act 3 from La Traviata, Port Au Prince and Brittania (Symphonic Fantasy) After the break we started the second half with Sara Daly playing Fathers Waltz, Norwegian Waltz, Yes Sir That’s My Baby, It’s A Brave New World and Anastasia. I then played American Patrol and Black Mask Waltz before leaving the stage for our guest artist Rosemary to finish the night. Rosemary started her second spot with Children Of The Regiment and continued with Prima Capriccio Da Concerto, Core Ingrato (Catari) Brise Napolitaine, Iin Muenchen Steht Ein Horbrauhaus, Hora Staccato and Francis Wright’s Waltz. The tune Downtown was then followed by The Wallace and Gromit Theme which sounded quite good on the accordion. Rosemary continued through to 11pm with Verdi Operatic Selection (La Donna e Mobile, Va Pensiero, Brindisi) and Can Can from Orpheus In The underworld. We had enjoyed a great concert from Rosemary but there was just time for an encore. Rosemary then finished the night playing the tune Comet Valse. This had been an entertaining night and a great performance from Rosemary. I heard many good comments both during, and after the concert and I spoke to many people who said they had enjoyed the concert. We look forward to Rosemary returning to the club in future.

David Batty


This Wednesday

This Wednesday is a Local Players Night, please remember to bring your accordion whether you have practised or not. We love to hear all levels of players, one of the best parts of Local Players nights is the variety of styles, skills and levels we hear during the night. We can cheer the beginners on and at the same time wish we could play like some of the more advance members of the club. Remember to bring any friends or family who might like a night out. Doors open at 7.30 for an 8pm start. Make sure you get there early for a good seat and a good chat with others before the concert starts. See you there.


Alexander Brothers Retire after 54 Years

Tom and Jack Alexander have announced their retirement after having to cancel shows due to Jack being ill recently, In an Interview with a Newspaper Tom, 77 said “You are only really as good as your last performance. Jack has not been well recently and we wanted to be remembered in the right manner. We wanted to finish on a high note and did not want to tarnish what we have achieved over the past 54 years. When you start having to cancel gigs, then it is time to stop. I’m almost 78 and Jack is a year-and-a-half behind me. We have spent decades flying over the Pond and maybe it is time to take things easier. However, if Jack gets over his illness, then never say never. We have had a wonderful time over the years and are grateful to our fantastic fans who were so loyal.” The Alexander Brothers have recorded many LP’s and CD’s, their Hit Single “Nobody’s Child” sold more copies in the year it was released (1964) in Scotland than The Beatles recordings. Many of The Alexander Brothers CD’s can be bought on Amazon at http://amzn.to/alexanderbrothers Tom and Jack were both given MBE’s in 2005. The Brothers had their own TV show and also appeared on Sunday Night At The Palladium. Tom started to learn the accordion at the age of nine, and in 1952 won the Classical Open Solo and the NAO Championships in Glasgow. Tom has released many solo Accordion CD’s That are available online at http://amzn.to/2squWvA


Accordion Forum Messages

Here is a message that has been posted in our forum this month, If you wish to reply then just head over to the forum at www.accordionworld.co.uk and join in.

Posted by DDL: hi, i am learning a song which is 2 / 4 time – as a beginner i am used to 4 / 4 time – it is la paloma – any way there are lots of half notes and quarter notes but what i am confused about is that in many measures there seems to be half note to many ie 2.5 not 2 and from training i seem to remember the notes in the measure should add up to the time ie 2 in this case? Regards, David de Leuce To Reply to this message visit: http://accordionworld.co.uk/index.php?topic=374.0



From our last guest artist night with Rosemary Wright we have put up a 2 minutes clip of the night on YouTube. The video has been seen by 145 people in the one week it has been on there. You get straight to the video on YouTube by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhY00Hc8J3Q&list=UUdvLIdIXlprk42yWU5mgYDQ&index=1&feature=plcp


Eastbourne Accordion Festival

12th – 15th October 2012 at The Cumberland Hotel Cost £205.00 per person. Guest Artists are Jack Emblow, Tony Compton, Ian Watson, Julie North, Morandini Andrea, Harry Hussey, Roman Voloshchuk and Angie Lukins. Stall holders are The Accordion Shop, Carillon Studios and Trevani Music and Gifts


Steve Roxton and Jean Dauvin at North Staffs

Steve Roxton and Jean Dauvin will feature as guest artists at North Staffordshire Accordion Club on 17th July 2012. Steve and Jean have appeared together many times and have produced a CD together. Jean lives in France and Steve in England, but the pair still get together at regular intervals in both England and France where they appear at dances, accordion clubs etc.


LAC Mobile Phone Application

As you know, I like to ensure that Leyland Accordion Club is on the ball when it comes to embracing new technology, the Internet, online radio and getting on TV and radio. To keep us as a leading noise in the accordion scene I decided that it was time we had our own mobile phone application. A quick search showed me that no other club in the world has their own mobile phone application, so that made it a priority for me to write one for Leyland Accordion Club. I released our application on Android phones on the 26th of May 2012. In the 20 days since its release, 1710 people are using the software on their phones worldwide! Once the application is installed on the phone it gives the user the ability to read news highlights, browse our forthcoming dates, see all our contact details, listen to our radio station and watch our video output from the club. The software is a work in progress and I have many new features, improvements and new graphics to add to it in future versions. I will release at least one new version a month until I am happy with the software. When I release a new version it automatically updates itself on the phones without the user having to do anything. You may be surprised to see the statistics showing where the application is downloaded, of the 1710 installs, 576 are in Mexico, 431 in the USA, 275 in Brazil, 35 in Argentina, 32 in Spain and the remaining 360+ in a variety of other countries. I was really surprised at how many downloads we got from Mexico, Brazil and the USA, those 3 countries made up 75% of the downloads! Future versions will feature links to our social networking pages and the application will check our server each time it runs to download our latest news or other information. I have plans for other accordion related software on mobile phones, this is just the first accordion related application and is closely tied to our activities. The second piece of software I am writing is of general interest to the accordion community and should be even more popular. Search on Google Play on your Android phone for ‘Leyland Accordion Club’ or even just for ‘Leyland’ to find the application. If you don’t have an Android phone you can see how many people have downloaded the software if you search on Google for ‘Leyland Accordion Club Android Application’ as shown below.