Our April Concert

Our April concert was a guest artist concert, but it started with local players. Ann Parker played Tarantella, Romanze, Chopsticks and Frog Chorus. Our next player on the stage was John Robinson playing Rare Old Mountain Dew, Blaydon Races and Tale Of Canute. Our final local player before our guest artist played, was Helen Rich, Helen gave us Marcia, Hungarian Dance No4 and Golden Slippers. It was now time for our guest artist John Romero to take to the stage. John has spent years playing in the hotels in Eastbourne and he normally runs Eastbourne Accordion Festival. He has moved further north now so we had chance to book him to play for us. John started his first spot of the evening with Lolita and Mariuska. The Maigret Theme was then followed by Nutrocker which was made famous by B Bumble and The Stingers. The Shadows tune Apache was next, which was followed by Cavatina using an electronic version of a 6 String guitar driven by Johns Midi accordion. His next piece was Black and White Rag, which was followed by Three Times A Lady, Brazil, Quando Quando, Tico Tico. The next tune Waves was Johns own composition. Finally he finished his first spot with Elan. After the break we continued the entertainment with Colin Ensor playing Footsteps of A Fool, Charmaine and Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain. Our next player was Rebecca playing Valse D’Ameile and Moon River. I had a spot myself playing Triste Sourire, Magic Roundabout and Sailors Hornpipe, before leaving the stage to John Romero who started his second half playing Conquest Of Paradise. The next piece was the accordion standard Bel Viso which was followed by a request for Happy Birthday for Gordons 60th! We had been treated to some cakes which were kindly made and shared by Gladys (for Gordons Birthday). John then continued with When I Fall In Love, A TV Medley, The Great Escape and Long Way To Tipperary. A completely electronic sound gave us a great rendition of the Dr Who Theme which was followed by Telstar. We were all singing Underneath The Arches next, followed by Home Town, Side By Side, and Heart Of My Heart. John continued with some 1940s music from Glenn Miller including Tuxedo Junction, Moonlight Serenade, In The Mood, Little Brown Jug, Under The Apple Tree and American Patrol. After thanking us for having him as a guest, John, finished the night with The Dark Island. This had been a great demonstration of what is possible with a midi accordion and a lot of talent, and I know of one person who has bought a midi expander at the club since last month, maybe there was a connection with John playing at the club? There are now four of us with Midi in the club that I know of.

David Batty


This Wednesday

This Wednesday is a guest artist night featuring Julie Best and Jean Corrighan. Julie and Jean have been firm favourites at the club in the past so I know quite a few people are looking forward to hearing them play again this month. One video I filmed of Julie playing at Leyland has been popular on YouTube, it is a video of Julie playing Cuckoo Waltz at one of her previous appearances at Leyland. It has now been played 350,000 times, and should reach half a million by next year! Please try and support the duo who will be travelling down from Cumbria to entertain us on Wednesday. The doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start. I look forward to seeing you there.


Andre Rieu on Sunday Night At The Palladium

On Sunday 10th May Andre Rieu featured on the ITV Programme Sunday Night At The Palladium, Andre and the Johann Strauss Orchestra played That’s Amore, where the Accordion Featured heavily. The Accordionist is Leon van Wijk who is playing a Bugari Accordion. Leon also plays Bass Trombone, Drums and Piano. Leon is married to orchestra member Lara who plays the violin, they got to know each other whilst touring with the orchestra. You can watch the Program online at www.itv.com/itvplayer/sunday-night-at-the-palladium/series-2/episode-2 Andre and his orchestra are on at 24 minutes in to the programme. It’s nice to the Accordion feature so much in a Prime time programme and to see the return of variety to the Palladium.


Accordions For Sale

Two nice accordions are being sold by Walter Perrie, they are:- Gabanelli (Castelfidardo) 41 key/120 Bass, 4 voice / 5 voice, 013001 [Polka King]. 9 coupler Treble, 5 coupler bass. Musette Tuned [Wide]. Mother of Pearl Keyboard and Bass Buttons. Excellent Condition, Mechanically Perfect, Built Late 70’s to Early 90’s. Little Wear on bottom Corner of keyboard, due to use. Compression Excellent, A Few Blemishes, Consitent with age, Beautiful Diamanti design, Powerful Bass.

Bugari “Armando” “Championfisa” 41 Keys / 120 Bass(Castelfidardo) Not Cassoto, Pristine Condition as New, 11 Treble couplers, 7 Bass couplers, Classical Tuning, 2 x 8’,1 x 16’ and 1 x 4’ Reeds.

Contact Walter on 0151 650 2305 Monday–Friday (work), or mobile 07946 578586


Mick Edwards CD’s

Local accordionist Mick Edwards has over the years released 61 CD’s or DVD’s. He sent us a booklet listing them, which I will put out at the club nights for anyone to browse. The full list can also be found on his website www.mickedwards.com and they can also be bought on Amazon.


Accordion Magic Festival

Middlewich ‘Accordion Magic’ Festival is a free event to be held from the 19th to the 21st of June 2015. There will be no admission charge but a request for any donations will be made for Winstons Wish charity. Some of the artists and Traders currently attending are Harry Hussey, Stephan Andrusyschyn, John Romero & North Staffs Accordion Orchestra. The Accordion Shop, Birmingham Accordions, Harry Kipling’s “Accordion Treasures” and more. For more information contact John on 01606 270148.


Accordion Busker Memorial Petition

John Delaney was an Accordion Busker from St Albans who passed away at the end of March aged 86. John spent 35 years treating market shoppers to tunes on his accordion, he was a regular fixture outside W H Smith on the High Street where he played everything from old classics to nursery rhymes, as well as special requests from his audiences. He was so renowned in the area he even inspired his own group on Facebook ‘The Accordion Man of St Albans Appreciation Society.’ Members of the page are now making plans to hold a ‘busking day’ to raise funds for a memorial in John’s honour. John was known for his quirky outfits and cheerfulness, he also worked as a jazz pianist and taught children with learning difficulties. A petition on the St Albans Council website proposing a Memorial to John Delany has collected over 1,000 Signatures, The petition closes on 14 May and can be viewed at http://goo.gl/Tp4DQJ St Albans singer Melanie Wall has organised a busking event and street collection to raise money for a suitable memorial. “Performing in the city centre and entertaining young and old seemed a very fitting way to raise funds and also to celebrate his life,” she said.


Leyland Festival

Saturday 20th June 2015 Leyland Festival is an annual charity event and a celebration of the many local people, volunteers, local businesses and community groups who pull together to make sure the Festival continues to go from strength to strength each year. Each year the Festival begins with the traditional vehicle parade through Leyland ending at Worden Park. The popular parade features businesses and local community floats, marching bands, dance troupes and heritage vehicles. Worden Park provides the backdrop for a choice of activities and entertainment that appeal to all the members of the family for a great day out! This years festival theme is 60’s & 70’s. For more information visit www.leylandfestival.co.uk


Foster and Allen Interview

If it was not for the influence of a certain pair of Scottish siblings, we might never have heard of Foster and Allen. “I saw them back in 1968 on Irish television and we knew there had to be a place for an Irish version of the Alexander Brothers,” Mick Foster, the box playing half of the partnership with Tony Allen admitted. Accordion-playing Tom and singer Jack, who even managed to outsell The Beatles in Scotland at the height of Beatlemania with their hit Nobody’s Child, provided something of a template for the Irish duo. “Leaving Tom and Jack aside because they were in Scotland, there was nobody before us doing what we were doing, and 40 years later, there’s no-one coming behind us,” Foster said “There’s no light entertainment TV shows any more, radio stations are catering for the pop market. These producers are catering for young people and the young people are out having a ball — it’s the old people who are at home.” However, there is one way that Foster and Allen helped change Ireland’s musical landscape. “When we started, the powers that be were near enough smiling that we were using an accordion and now 99 per cent of the recordings you hear have an accordion in them,” Foster laughed. “When we did Top Of The Pops in 1982 (to promote their Top 20 hit A Bunch Of Thyme), the producers thought they shouldn’t have an accordion on the show, so they asked me if I would use a guitar and I said fair enough just to please them. “And the next act on after us were Dexy’s Midnight Runners and they had an accordion! It just shows they don’t always know.” As an accordionist, Jimmy Shand was another of Foster’s musical heroes and Foster has fond memories of filming with the legendary box player in his home village of Auchtermuchty. He even makes an appearance on Mick Foster and Tony Allen’s forthcoming 40th anniversary CD, thanks to a master tape donated by his son Jimmy Junior, joining a star-studded guest list that includes English tenor Alfie Boe, X-Factor winner Shayne Ward and pioneering Irish folk group The Chieftains. “He was the most famous accordion player in the world,” Foster said. “In the early days of us going to Australia and Canada and New Zealand, every place we went in there were cassettes of Jimmy Shand. There was no-one I wanted to meet more. A lot of lads my age were into Elvis, but to me no, it was Jimmy Shand and I never met anyone nicer.” The new album, which will be released later this year, is a suitably special one for their ruby anniversary. In the past the duo’s record company has asked them to record their annual albums on a theme, such as love songs or songs from the movies, but the duo saw this as an opportunity to record “a proper Foster and Allen” album. “We just had the idea we would ask a few very well known artists to join us,” Foster said. “You can’t get bigger than Alfie Boe or The Chieftains and, for our audience, Jimmy Shand is the same. We play The Bluebell Polka every night and as soon as we say it was a hit for Jimmy Shand, they start applauding.” The 40th anniversary album, the follow-up to last year’s Top 30 seller Gold And Silver Days, will be released later this year, but their star studded guest list does suggest the bar has been set high for their 50th anniversary album, a milestone they have every intention of reaching. “We hope we will, but I’m 67 and Tony’s 63, so there are no guarantees,” Foster said. “Put it this way, the enthusiasm’s still there and we have no intention of retiring any time soon.”

For more information about Foster and Allen or the schedule of locations for their tour visit www.fosterandallen.ie


Skipton Accordion Festival

25th—28th March 2016 the Guest Artists announced so far are Julie Best, Jean Corrighan, Paul Chamberlain, Harry Hussey, Gary Blair, John Romero and more. Workshops will be happening during the day and there will be Trade Stands to browse. This will all be happening at The Rendezvous Hotel in Skipton the cost is £239 Per Person (Half Board) to book and for more information telephone: 01606 270148.