Our November Concert

Our November concert started with Ann Parker playing Frog Chorus, Chopsticks, Roundabout and Romanza. Colin Ensor was next on to the stage playing Down Forget Me Not Lane, Conquest Of Paradise, Footsteps Of A Fool and Charmaine. It was now time for our guest artist Craig Bradley to start his first half. Craig, who was making his debut at the club, started his first spot of the evening playing Valssi Hailuodosta, this was followed by A Scent Of The Summer, A Little Burlesquo, Blue & White, and Valkea Ruusu. His next piece Rantakoivun Alla is a favourite of mine, but not one I have played at the club (soon to be corrected). Craig continued with White Rose, Old Macdonald Had a Farm (As You’ve never heard it before) and Monastery Of Dionissi. His next piece Elegy was a harmonium piece he found in a book of harmonium tunes. The next piece Carnival Of Venice was well known to all at the club and it went down well. Leading up to the break we heard two Russian Pieces followed by Piippocan Vaari and Kleine Suite. After the break we continued the entertainment with Sara Daly playing A Granddaughters Dream, Confessing That I Love You, English Country Garden and Emma & Jamie’s Wedding. Before our guest artist returned I then took my turn, playing just one piece – Cuckoo Waltz. Craig then took to the stage for his second spot of the eventing. He started with Jovano Jovanke and Adiyo Kerida. His next piece Cubanera, although by Frosini, was a new piece to most people. After playing Celestial Whisperin by Frosini he continued the entertainment with Por Una Cabeza, El Chocolo, Sentimente Piazzola, Milongo, Clotted Algina Song, Kalinka, La Valse D’Amelie and finally, to finish the night La Noyee.

David Batty


This Wednesday

This Wednesday is our Christmas concert and Jacobs Join. This is our most informal concert of the year, after the food has been unwrapped even I get a night off as I leave players to decide themselves when they want to get up and play. Please try to support this night (which will be the last one of 2014). See separate story in this newsletter about our night and I hope that you can make it. If you are a player then please remember to bring your accordion. See you on Wednesday. Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This is the last newsletter of 2014 we hope you have enjoyed reading the newsletter, we always try to include interesting articles that are either related to the accordion or to the local area. we are always open to suggestions for articles in the newsletter or guest artists at the club, if there is an accordionist you would like to see play at the club let us know and we’ll try and get them to the club if funds, support, and dates allow.


Christmas Do <<<This Wednesday

Our December meeting is our annual Jacobs Join Christmas Party. This is where we ask people to bring along some sandwiches, meat pies, sausage rolls, cake or something else to club together to make a feast to share. This night always goes down well, this is the last time you get to see other club members this year. This is also the one club night a year that anything goes, if you play the keyboard then bring it along. Spanish Guitar, singing, juggling and any other talents are welcome at our December night as well as normal accordion playing.


Priory Club Booked for 2015

The new manageress of The Priory Club has put our dates in the diary for 2015, please add them to your diary/calendar so you don’t miss out. We had a few people turn up on the wrong night in 2014 and found someone else using the room on that night!


Free Sheet Music

Players at our recent concerts and practice nights have liked the free sheet music pile we put near the door, this is music that has been donated to the club for members to take pieces they like.


How a Bayan Accordion Is Made

The Moscow Times have put together a series of photographs showing how a Traditional Russian Bayan Accordion Is put together, the pictures can be viewed online at http://bit.ly/136C04C


Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham Radio Interview

On Friday 2nd January 2015 at 16:05 on BBC Radio Scotland. Edi Stark brings together Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham to talk about their lives together as a national institution. Expect to laugh and shed a tear and be surprised by their choices of music by other musicians and composers. And of course fiddle and accordion will be close by at all times. For those in Scotland tune in to 92 – 95 FM For those not in Scotland visit www.bbc.co.uk/radioscotland To listen live or if you miss the show you will be able to listen on catch up after the show at www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04vj1x1


Status Quo go Acoustic

Status Quo have surprised many people by releasing an acoustic album featuring the Accordion and other acoustic instruments. The album is called Aquostic (Stripped Bare), it was released 17th October 2014. As well as other acoustic instruments the Accordion features quite a lot in the album. The accordion is played in a Cajun style on some of the tracks it features in. In the Making of video on youtube Rick Parfit says “I think Accordion is wonderful, before it went on I wasn’t sure about it, but it is playing such a major part.” In an article in the Yorkshire Evening Post Francis Rossi said ”The project (The Album) was supposed to take four to six weeks ended up taking four and a half months. “The songs got better each time we did them and we kept adding bits, and then we decided on having a real accordion instead of a synthesizer.” You can watch the seven minute making of video on youtube here http://youtu.be/dQtnJubO8Cs Status Quo put on an Acoustic concert with BBC Radio 2 at the Roundhouse, London on 22nd October The Musicians that joined them were Freddie Edwards: Guitar; Geraint Watkins: Accordion, Piano; Martin Ditcham: Percussion; Amy Smith: Vocals; Hannah Rickard: Vocals and Violin; Lucy Wilkins: Violin; Alison Dods: Violin; Howard Gott: Violin; Gillon Cameron: Violin; Sophie Sirota: Viola; Sarah Willson: Cello. The concert highlights are available at http://bbc.in/1At3zjh Status quo are touring Aquostic in April 2015 at the following places: Mon 20th April Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall, Tues 21st April Sheffield, City Hall, Thur 23rd April Wolverhampton, Civic Hall, Fri 24th April Portsmouth, Guildhall, Sun 26th April London, Hammersmith Apollo. Tickets are available from http://www.statusquo.co.uk/aquostic-live/ If you want to see Status Quo live they are also performing nearby Fri 15th May Bluebell Hotel – Burton Agnes – Yorks Sat 16th May Bluebell Hotel – Burton Agnes – Yorks For More information visit www.bluebellhotel.net Fri 3rd July Symphony at The Tower, Houghton Tower near Preston. For more information visit www.symphonyatthetower.co.uk This is great exposure for the accordion and may help to change some people’s stereotypical view of the accordion. If you’d like to Buy the album visit http://www.statusquo.co.uk/aquostic For those of you using Spotify the album is available to listen to on there and we have seen its tracks on YouTube too.


Couple Waltz to Busking Accordionist

Joan Culberwell, 86, and her partner of 40 years, Thomas McGonigal, 84 danced on the streets of Wolverhampton, West Midlands, When they heard an Accordionist playing ballroom tunes. The pair, who met at a dancing class in the 1970s, were watched by passers-by as they performed their ballroom routine at lunchtime on a Monday in August this year. Shoppers and workers on their lunch break stopped to watch the quick-footed couple and soon began to cheer and clap at the heart-warming scene. In an interview with the Daily Mail Mr McGonical, a retired bricklayer, said: ‘We are amazed at the response from people. It wasn’t a planned thing, Joan and I were walking through town to Boots when we stopped to listen to a busker. ‘He was playing a medley of lovely ballroom tunes and I could sense Joan moving her feet. I was tapping along and just said to her “may I take this dance?” and that was that. ‘I suppose we got carried away but people were cheering and clapping and we just went along with it. It was a lovely sunny day and the shoppers seemed to like it. ‘The busker had no idea what we were doing but kept on playing.’ A Video was later uploaded to you tube you can watch the video at http://youtu.be/1HIKwfXLmMI


For Sale

Roland RA 90 MIDI Expander with power supply, in perfect working order. £200. For the above items contact David on 01772 454328 or email david@accordionclub.co.uk