Our April Concert

Our April Concert started with Bill Agnew playing Yankee Doodle Dandy, Camptown Ladies, Marching Through Georgia, What Do You Wanna Make These Eyes At Me For. Que Sera Sera, Something Stupid, Save The Last Dance For Me, South Of The Border, La Paloma and You’ll Never Walk Alone. John Robinson then gave us This Old House, Blaydon Races, Floral Dance and Rare Old Mountain Dew. Our next player ws Bernard Bamber playing Gilly Gilly Offenfeffer, Lovely Bunch Of Cocoanuts, Glory Glory Hallelujah, On Ilkley Moor, Baht’at, Lassie From Lancashire and Whiskey In The Jar. After the break we had John Lennox playing Falling In Love Again, Lili Marlene, Two Ladies, If You Could See Her Through My Eyes and Cabaret. Graham Crow then made his debut at the club playing Tales Of The Unexpected, Tulips From Amsterdam, Wonderful Copenhagen, The Band Played On, On Top Of Old Smoky and Cruising Down The River. Our next tunes came from David Rigby playing Let Me Call You Sweetheart, The Spinning Wheel, Clementine, The Good Old Summertime, Daisy Daisy and The Old Rugged Cross. Mildren Moran was next on to the stage playing The Millers Daughter, Rose Of Tralee, Cockles & Mussels and Those Endearing Young Charms. After Ann Parker played My Treasure and Frog Chorus I played Alpine Ski Run while Calum McKinnon set up to give us a surprise guest artist spot. Calum played an hour of tunes including Blackpool Belle, Little Old Wine Drinker Me, Obladi Oblada, By The Rivers Of Babylon, Blanket On The Ground, Achy Breaky Heart, Penny Arcade, Telstar, Dance The Night Away, Take These Chains, Only You, You’re Cheatin’ Heart, Singing The Blues, Hi Ho Silver Lining, Da Do Ron Ron, Rocking All Over The World, Highland Cathedral, Crystal Chandelier, Match Stalk Men and I’ll Tell Mama. To finish off the night we had the brilliant Bill Agnew and Bob Seed playing Wonderful Copenhagen, Cuckoo Waltz, Sweet Georgia Brown, Whispering, Who’s Sorry Now, You Are My Sunshine, Carolina In The Morning, Show Me The Way To Go Home, Auld Lang Syne and Irish Washerwoman. If you missed this night you missed a great night of music with a local players night & a guest artist night rolled in to one!

David Batty


This Wednesday

This Wednesday we see the return of George Syrett to the club as our guest artist. George has played at Leyland several times and I regularly get requests for his return, well this month is your chance to see him. Please try your best to support our guest artist night and give George a good audience to play for. Maybe bring along a friend for a great night out. The doors are open at 7.30 for 8pm. If you see someone you don’t normally talk to then please introduce yourself, you might make a new friend.


Coppull Folk Festival

There is going to be another free weekend Of Folk Music at the Alison Arms Pub near Coppull. This will be from the 6th, to the 8th of June . For More information contact Phil 01772 432691, Kevin 01257 400650 or Ken 01942 732728.


Accordions International

‘Accordions International 2014’, Mundesley Holiday Village, Norfolk: 20th/24th October. Guest artists include Paris Moscow Duo, Shakey Breaks the Ice, David Vernon & Dick Lee, Pearl Fawcett-Adriano, Rosemary Wright, Harry Hussey. Festival includes workshops, free & easy sessions, celebrity concerts, dancing, trade stands. Booking info; tel. 01780 782093 (Sceptre Promotions)


Limex Demo’s On Youtube

For people interested in Midi, V3Sound.com have been adding Videos of Roy Hendrie demoing Limex midi systems. Limex has sampled real instruments for their new line of expander boards.
Our nearest Limex Installer is the Accordion Centre at Birmingham www.accordioncentre.com or telephone 0121 753 3709 There are other Installers round the UK who can be found on www.limexmidi.co.uk To watch the Youtube demos on the internet visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9qD23YvTilvnf66JLdzc2A/videos


Take The Floor

24th May 7:05PM on BBC Radio Scotland 92-95 FM, 810 MW Join Robbie Shepherd as he shares with you a show packed with the very best in traditional music and song. Our weekly session has us digging into our archive to the year of 2000 and to the sound of Jim MacLeod and his Band, one of Scotland’s most popular bands. Robbie’s guest is leading accordion tutor Gordon Connell of Tiree. We also keep you up to date with the latest sounds from CD.


Chester Folk Festival

Friday 23rd – Monday 26th May (Spring Bank Holiday Weekend) In The Village Of Kelsall Near Chester. The Festival features Concerts, Ceilidhs, Workshops, Singarounds, Sessions, Displays, Craft Fair, Family Events & Children’s Entertainment. Ticket Prices are Weekend: £65 All Day: Sat or Sun £25, Mon £20 Afternoon Only: Sat or Sun £14, Mon £10 Evening Only: Fri £8, Sat or Sun £20, Mon £12 Children 10 – 18: half price (under 10’s free) Tickets can be bought online at www.chesterfolk.org.uk


Brass Band Concerts in Happy Mount Park

Every Sunday from May 4th up to 31st August – Open air entertainment with the best of brass from around the Northwest. Enjoy live music, ice cream and the park’s numerous attractions each Sunday afternoon from 2.30pm at Happy Mount Park, Marine Road East, Bare, Morecambe, Lancashire, LA4 6AB For More Information telephone 01524 582808.


Behind The Scenes at Queen Street Mill

A special opportunity to meet the Weavers at Queen Street Mill. Includes a behind the scenes tour and the opportunity to try your hand at weaving on our historic looms. Lunch also included. 23rd May 2014 10:00 – 12:00 Costs £12. For more information telephone 01282 412555


Autumn Accordion Weekend

This is to be held from the 10th to the 13th of October 2014 at The Cumberland Hotel, Eastbourne The cost is £210.00 per person, Guest Artistes Include: Richard Holmes, Alan Young, Harry Hussey, Angie Lukins, Sue Bennett, Jean Hanger, John Romero Trade Stands: The Accordion Shop, Birmingham Accordion Centre, Harry Kipling’s “Accordion Treasures” & Carillon Studios. For More Information and to book Telephone 01323 733700


Celebrity Coach Trip

On Wednesday 28th May on the Travel Channel (Freeview Channel 42) from 6:30pm to 7:00pm – Series 1, Episode 4. Reality series in which a group of celebrity tourists undertake an epic coach trip. The party enjoy a tour of Passau cathedral, an accordion lesson and a canoeing trip down the Danube


Darth Vader Busker Unmasked

Interview by STV: We were keen to find out more about Glasgow Darth Vader; who in real life is known as Jeremy Jones. Surely he’s not really evil? Well, the reality is he’s nothing like Tatooine’s tough-man. In fact, 41-year-old Jeremy works in computing during the day. Only at lunchtime during his break does he transform into the galaxy’s most feared villain. Born in Aberdeen, the busker moved to Glasgow 17-years ago where he studied computing at Glasgow University and played the piano and keyboard in bands, before turning his hands to the accordion. Within a few months Jeremy learned how to play and started busking simple songs and hymns without the mask in 2011. Jeremy has always been envious of guitarists that can play the instrument while performing tricks, which obviously isn’t as easy with an accordion. So he started looking for something to give himself an edge. Two years ago, he spotted cardboard celebrity faces in newsagents which he felt could give some of his songs a boost, such as a Tom Cruise mask whilst playing ‘Take My Breath Away’. Then a few months ago he was in Forbidden Planet searching for a Susan Boyle version and spotted the Darth mask – and a star was born. Jeremy tells us: “When the weather started getting colder I used to wrap up more and I put this hoody on with the mask and there was a completely different reaction from people. “The Johnny Cash song ‘Hurt’ has a theme of empire and Cat Stevens’ ‘Father and Son’ goes down well too.” With Jeremy starting to get a big fan base, we wondered how his family and friends felt about his unique past-time. “My wife is used to me coming up with these things and having little hobbies that I get into and my friends just accept it and think it’s funny.” As much as we love the Glasgow busker, there seem to be a few Darth Haters among us. What’s Jeremy got to say about the haters? “I seem to get the two extremes, some people come up to me saying that I’m funny and it’s a brilliant idea. “Then I do get people saying that I shouldn’t be doing it. I had a woman shouting at me saying ‘you’re scaring the weans’ but she was quite scary herself. “Though I was playing hymns one day and I got a really lovely old lady who came up to me and gave me a fiver. “She didn’t want to put it in the hat, she just put it in my hand. And I was like, ‘Lord! Do you want a special concert?'” “People ask, ‘where do you get changed into your costume?’ and I’m like, it’s a mask and hoody. There’s no dressing room, lights and mirror. It’s just a little bit of fun.” And Jeremy has nothing but respect for fellow buskers and would even consider a collaboration with Glasgow’s famous Leo the Silent Raver. “The busking here is fantastic, there’s some really good people who play and some really clever uses of instruments. Like one guy played the tambourine with his foot and the bass drum with another while playing the guitar which was really impressive.” “I like when you’re walking past someone and something just strikes you and you’re like, ‘that chord change was unexpected’. That’s what I like when I’m watching people.” As for the Star Wars films, he’s not too fussed. Although he enjoyed the original three and is looking forward to the JJ Abrams versions, this isn’t the real reason behind his unique disguise. “I do it mostly for fun and also just to get a little extra change for lunch money. Having the mask and hoody definitely improved the takings. “I like the stress reliving aspect when a workday is tough as playing helps me to clear me head for the afternoon.” And it seems that some people are surprised when they realise that he isn’t a true Jedi master. “One kid came up the other day and asked to see me without the mask. And he just said ‘oh, okay’ and walked away. I don’t really know what he expected.” “I don’t make a big show of it or anything as I’m fairly near my work. It’s hard to hide it at this point but some people have mentioned it and think it’s funny. “It’s just something to do though and I don’t think of it as being any different from playing the jazz piano or other music stuff that I’ve done.” To see the Unveiling of Darth Vader visit:- www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuMzuknbJ68


Buskers Music

Years ago we used to have a group playing session at the end of our local players nights. To bring back the busking session on the local players nights I have been preparing some sheet music of simple tunes that everyone knows, please ask at the club for a free copy. If you can’t read music then don’t worry, the tunes are so well known that you will be able to play along with other players. The first sheets are a medley of well known tunes, once players are comfortable at playing these tunes I will print out the next medley of tunes to expand our repertoire. The idea is that you play, practice at home or at the practice nights, or join in with others on the concert nights. I think this will be very popular with many of our players who will have many tunes in common with other players. Players who are beginners normally find it a good experience to sit amongst the more able players and play what they can, when they can. Ask for your free sheet music at the club and lets make this thing happen.