Our October Concert

As the room was filling up for our October concert we had so many players in attendance that we told Tom Mansfield that as the only one not playing so far that he was going to be the Audience! Tom soon had plenty of other non players to join him though. We started the night with Patrick Halpin playing Stansell Reel, Danny Boy, Dirty Old Town and Irish Lullaby. Our next player was Helen Rich who had been one of our recent guest artists, Helen started her spot with Marcia by Pietro Deiro, she then continued with Siscillian Serenade, Pigalle, Chanson D’Amour and finally finished with an impressive performance of Nola. Arthur Frankland was our next player with Danny Boy, Fields Of Athenry, Ashoken Farewell, Bonny Banks Of Lock Lomond, Comin’ Through The Rye and Chanson. After the first break we continued the entertainment with Ann Parker played Romanze, My Reassure, Beautiful Days and Memories Are Made Of This. Our next player was John Lennox playing Padam Padam, La Vie En Rose, Jimmy Brown Song, If You Love Me, Shine Another Glass, No Regrets and a Piaf tribute. Rebecca and myself played Plaisir D’Amour, Rebecca then continued by playing Moon River, La Valze D’Amiele and Glamour Girl. Andrew Baker was next on to the stage, Andrew was joined by Bob Seed on the drums as they played Beautiful Dreamer, Faraway Places, Phil The Fluter’s Ball, Hey Jude and Has Anybody Seen My Girl. Helen Rich then made a return to the stage to perform Fascination, Amour Amour, Beautiful Days and a set of Scottish reels. It was now close to the end of the night as Sara Daly took to the stage and played Envikens Waltz, Westering Home, Skye Boat Song, Dainty Davie, Her Mantle So Green and A Granddaughters dream. We just had enough time for me to play one tune at the end so I ended the night with Now Is The Hour. We had enjoyed another great night of entertainment and socialising. At the end there was the usual chat before everyone made their way home after another great night. We do it all again this Wednesday when we have our guest artist night with supporting local players. I hope to see you all there.

David Batty

This Wednesday

This Wednesday is our guest artist concert featuring Harry Hussey If you have not seen Harry before then you are in for a treat. Harry does not come to the club with any idea of what he is playing, instead he asks the audience to call out tunes which he then proceeds to play. As long as the tunes are pre 1960 there is a good chance Harry will know them and perform your chosen tune. The doors are open at 7.30 for 8pm. If you see someone you don’t normally talk to then please introduce yourself, you might make a new friend.


Steve Roxton and Jean Dauvin

I have been talking to Steve Roxton about himself and Jean Dauvin playing at the Club in September 2014, I will keep you informed about this forthcoming date when I have confirmation.


Jack Alexander

On the 2nd of November Jack Alexander, who was one half of The Alexander Brothers, passed away at Ayrshire Hospice surrounded by his family. Jack’s Funeral took place on Thursday 7th November with readings from Jack’s Grandchildren and a eulogy by Johnny Beattie. Jack who was 77 Years old was brother of Tom Alexander who has played at Leyland Accordion Club several times in the past.


Christmas Do

Our December meeting is our annual Jacobs Join Christmas Party. This is where we all bring along some sandwiches, meat pies, sausage rolls, cake or something else to make a feast to share. This is the last time you get to see other club members this year. This is also the one club night a year that anything goes, if you play the keyboard then bring it along. Spanish Guitar, singing, juggling and any other talents are welcome at our December night as well as normal accordion playing.



We are starting to collect Membership fees for 2014, this is to remain at the same price it has always been which is £5 per year. With inflation you could say that every year its got cheaper to be a member of the club and to attend our concerts because I have kept the fees as low as possible, I try to keep prices down to make the club affordable but to manage to cover all our expenses and pay artists to play for us. You can pay your membership on the door in November, December or January. The proceeds go towards the great artists we have lined up in the coming months, stamps for postage and also an Internet service to send out the newsletters to those who choose to receive the newsletter by email (those who get the newsletter by email get colour images and working links they can click on rather than have to type in).


Accordion Band CD Released

The Forth Bridges Accordion Band recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. The special occasion was marked with an awards ceremony, birthday cake and the release of a CD. The band members received certificates, based on the level of their musical ability, while the child members received medals from Bo’ness councillor Anne Richie. The band has also recorded a new CD, entitled “Timeline”. Allan Potters, spokesman for the band said: ‘‘The band has enhanced their music this year by introducing parts/harmonies/counter melodies to their music. ‘‘The album features the band playing a selection of tunes which they have played over the past five years, including Traditional Scottish music to old time favourites and even some hymns.’’ The CD, priced £7 online and £6 from band members and the Inkspot and Silverleaf Bookshop in Bo’ness. For more information on the band go online at forthbridgesaccordionband.co.uk


Christmas Party Piece

Remember that at our Christmas party night in December you can bring along another instrument or skill to entertain us if you like, I mention it now so there is time to think what you might do, and to start practicing. Bring along your keyboard, poem, guitar etc if you like. Last year we had accordions, guitar, bagpipes, drums, new duets having a go together and monologues being recited while we enjoyed our food. If you have never played on the stage at the club then in December it is a nice easy night to make your debut.


Midland Accordion Festival

The First Midland Accordion Festival was held last week at The Quality Hotel in Dudley. The event which ran from Friday to Sunday was a success with probably around 100 people in attendance over the weekend. The event started on Friday with a cup of tea or coffee at 3pm. This was followed by a welcome performance from Malchy Cairns at 4pm. We then had time to eat before the entertainment continued at 7.30pm with Harry Hussey playing requests. After a great start to the evening we continued with performances from Pearl Fawcett, Alan Young, Roy Hendrie and finally finishing the night with an Alan Young and Harry Hussey busk. On the Saturday the day started after breakfast with Elementary Orchestra with Rosemary Wright, this was followed by Scottish Orchestra with Angie Lukins then a performance by John Romero playing midi in the concert room. At 1pm Malachy Cairns played Irish music in the restaurant until 2pm when we had an hour in the concert room for guests to play their own pieces (similar to one of our local players concerts at Leyland). After the Vintage Orchestra had got together it was 4pm and time for complimentary Tea/Coffee. Some of us went in to the restaurant just after that for our meal before the rush. The evening concert started with Steve Roxton getting everyone singing and joining in before Pearl Fawcett , Rosemary Wright, Roy Hendrie and Friends each took their turn to play. The night ended with Harry Hussey and Alan Young. Sunday had the usual orchestras practicing in the morning, this was followed by a 1pm irish session in the bar with Malacy Cairns. From 2pm to 3pm the orchestras performed the pieces they had been learning over two days. Harry Hussey played from 3pm with tea/coffee served at 4pm. The evening concert started with Pearl Fawcett followed by Steve Roxton, The Master Butchers Band and Alan Young. The end of the concert featured a finale with all the artists. This is the first time Barry Smith has organised a festival and he did a great job. There are plans to hold the festival again on the same weekend next year which is the 7th to the 9th of November 2014. He has plans for improvements to workshops, timings etc.


Toy Accordion

If you are looking for a cheap toy accordion for a small child then take a look at this one which is £14.74 on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000H6QTO8