Our September Concert

Our September Concert started with Myself playing Black Mask Waltz, Whispering Hope and Sailors Hornpipe. Our next player Colin Ensor then played Down Forget Me Not Lane, The Maigret Theme, That Lovely Weekend and Charmaine. Rebecca Parker took to the stage to play Moon River and Glamour Girl. It was now time for our Guest Artists Julie Best and Jean Corrighan to take to the stage they started their first spot with Triste Sourire and Under the Double Eagle. The pair continued with a Medley which consisted of Love Changes Everything, The Cradle Song and Speak Softly Love. Julie then played Reine De Musette as a solo before they reverted to playing Dantesque as a duet. Jean then played Dans La Nuit as a solo. The pair then continued with Amustante Overture and Highland Cathedral before Jean again took centre spot to play Minuet From Berenice, Julie played Monti’s Czardas before the pair reverted to playing duets. The entertainment continued up to the break with The Lady and the Waltz then finishing their first spot with some Scottish Reels:- Mrs Mary Printy and Miss Elizabeth Purcell’s Favourite. We then had the break during which we saw a lot of chat and social intercourse. After the break we started the second half with David Rigby playing The Loveliest Night Of The Year, The Good Old Summetime, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Daisy and Highland Cathedral. Our next player was Bernard Belshaw who played Stanger In Paradise, Just The Way You Look Tonight, Ave Maria, Nessun Dorma, Lets Face The Music And Dance, Don’t Know Why, Blaze Away, Overhead The Moon Is Shining and Spanish Gypsy Dance. We were running short of time by now, so our next player Ann Parker just played Chopsticks. It was now time for Our Guest Artists Julie Best and Jean Corrighan to take to the stage for their second spot of the night. The pair started with The Accordionist and Furrows End, they then continued with Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba, Scotland The Brave, Marie’s Wedding and Muckin o Geordies Byre. Jean then played Midnight Musette, Julie played Coquette and then the pair of them played Bellevalsen, Hens March To The Midden/Caddam Woods, Snow In Summer, Morning Had Broken, Alice Blue Gown. Fleur Du Jura and Windmills Of Your Mind. It was nearing the end fo the night and time for a solo from both Jean and Julie. Jean played Springtime Is swingtime then Julie played Bel viso and Spanish Gypsy Dance. The pair finished with Balade Matinale. We had been entertained to a very high standard and there were lots of appreciative comments from the audience both during the night and at the end. If you missed it then you missed a great night. I have already asked Julie and Jean to play again at the club in a year or so, if you missed this concert then look out for their return in future.

David Batty


This Wednesday

This Wednesday is a Local Players Concert, its time to start practicing and bring your accordion down to the club to show us a few tunes. Remember that the club is a great social event, why not take time in the breaks to speak to someone you have not met before, we have some great people in the club. Remember to bring any friends or family who might like a night out. Doors open at 7.30 for an 8pm start. Make sure you get there early for a good seat and a good chat with others before the concert starts. See you there.


YouTube Videos

We have uploaded a few videos of the Julie and Jean concert last month on to our YouTube Channel you can watch them at www.youtube.com/accordiontv


Sir Jimmy Shand Tops the Charts

Jimmy Shand’s “The Linton Ploughman ” which was based on “The Muckin’ O’ Geordie’s Byre” has been remixed into a Dance Track by DJ Stevie Lennon from Bellshill in Scotland. The Dance Remix of The Linton Ploughman named “Shander” is number 1 in Germany’s Top 100 Download Chart. DJ Stevie said “It puts a bit of fun back into clubbing and it’s brilliant bringing Jimmy Shand to a modern audience.” and I (Rebecca) have to agree with him although Dance music is not something I listen to, the remix does bring the Accordion and Jimmy Shand to a new audience. This is not the first time that Jimmy Shand has entered the charts, in 1955 Jimmy made the UK Top 20 with his most well known tune The Bluebell Polka. To listen to the original “The Linton Ploughman” played by Jimmy Shand and his band visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kISZ3vGJ2AA&feature=related To watch the BBC Scotland report on the Dance Track and to hear the track it’s self visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ2IDGA_88E&feature=related


New Accordion Tutor in Manchester

Tony Watterson, you make know him by his stage name of Tony Marchell, has just started offering Accordion, Guitar and Keyboard/Piano tuition from his home in East Didsbury in Manchester. Many tutors want you to play their choice of music, they want you to enter competitions and some encourange their pupils to join their band or orchestra. Each of Tony’s Lessons are tailored to the student and will try to incorporate the students choice of music into the lessons whenever possible (unless the student brings along something far too advanced for them. Tony teaches students of all abilities and ages and is very approachable. For more details of his flexible lessons visit www.manchestermusictuition.net or Telephone 0161 434 1933 and tell him that Leyland Accordion Club sent you. Tony has decades of experience playing the club circuit and performing with his accordion and can therefore also advise on performing skills.


Accordion playing Scarecrow

University graduate Jamie Fox works as a human scarecrow in a field in Norfolk. Jamie, 22, has been employed to scare partridges from a field of oilseed rape, when conventional birdscarers have failed to be effective. While wearing a bright orange coat, Jamie’s tools consist of an accordion and a cowbell to frighten the birds. Jamie earns around £250 a week scaring the partridges from the 10-acre field. In a Interview with the BBC Jamie said “I ring a cowbell and I’ve even played the accordion, but the ukulele doesn’t seem to have any effect on them” Jamie is learning to play the ukulele and the concertina during quiet moments in the field. He hopes to travel to New Zealand next year and is saving to pay for the trip. Jamie has a degree in Music and English and is hoping to find a job in music. Jamie has now had a song written about him by a local band called The Sharps, they have made a video which can be viewed on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=viWuLhqgGGc


Answers to last months Quiz

1) What year did the club start? 1997

2) Who was the first Guest Artist at the club? Steve Roxton

3) What was the first tune played at the club? Plasir d’Amour which was played by myself.

4) What was the name of our Guest Artist that lives in Boston, USA? Fintan Stanley

5) Name the 3 different venues the club has been held in? The Highfield, The Mill and The Priory Club

6) What computer programme on BBC1 did the club feature on with the TV presenter Kate Humble? BBC Webwise

7) What TV programme filmed us in 2012 at the club? Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

8) In what year did we record two audio cassettes of our players 1998

9) What charity concert did we supply the players for in Longridge. Brittle Bones Disease

10) Name one of our former players _ _ _ _ _ _ Hicks George

11) What radio station featured our club Quiz team. BBC Radio Lancashire

12) How many Picnic/concerts have we held. Eight

13) Name the accordion club in Australia that was set up after reading about our club and contacting us. Perth Accordion club

14) How many nights a year do we meet on average. 28


Larysa Bodell on The Alan Titchmarsh Show

Larysa Bodell appeared on The Alan Titchmarsh on the 18th September, Larysa took part in a section of the programme where Alan introduces his viewers to a new hobby to encourage more people to get into the hobby. Larysa had three new accordions on display, she talked Alan through the different Accordions she had and their prices, she showed a 12 Bass accordion suitable for children, 120 bass Piano Accordion and a 120 bass Roland Button Accordion which Larysa played to demonstrate the Accordion. It’s good to see the Accordion being shown on TV again this year. The only problem was that prices of thousands and of tens of thousands of pounds were being quoted for purchasing accordions for adults! No mention was made of buying an accordion for a few hundred to start learning on. I think the extremely high prices quoted would instantly put many people off investigating the hobby if they thought they would have to spend that much money. The programme is available to watch again on ITV Player at www.itv.com/itvplayer/video/?Filter=325310 but it will be taken down soon.



Accordions International 2013

Accordions International has just taken place in Mundesely on the 5th-8th October. The date of the 2013 festival has been announced as the 7th to the 11th of October. Next years festival will be a full Monday to Friday week long festival. For more information contact Sceptre-Promotions 01780 782093. You can also check on what festivals we know about by visiting www.accordionfestival.com. Its rare that any festival organiser lets me know about their event, but if I read about it, and its in the UK, then I put it on that website for reference.