Our March Concert

Our March concert started with Bernard Belshaw playing Thank You For The Music, Jealousy, Blaze away, Moonlight Serenade and Spanish Gypsy Dance. Our next player was Linda Grant who first spoke all the words for The Old Claddah Ring because she had lost the music, after her monologue she continued by playing Danny Boy, Autumn Dreams and Highland Cathedral. It was now time for our guests Anthony and Lindsay to play. They started with Guantanamera, Rouge Et Noir, La Cumparsita and Hernando’s Hideaway. Lindsay then played a solo which was an Irish medley, this was Rakes of Mallow, Jamie Allen, Irish Washerwoman and The Youngest Daughter. Anthony then came back to the stage and the pair played Hymn D’Amour, Musette Waltz – La Seine, Perfidia, You Belong To My Heart, Amore Amore and Yours. Lindsay then played a solo on a button accordion playing Scarlatti, Sonata in C and Adios Nonino. Anthony returned to his keyboard and played Godfather medley of From Russia with Love from the James Bond film, the Godfather theme 2 and Speak Softly Love. After the break, Colin Ensor started the second half with Down Forget Me Not Lane and At The Balalaika. Our next player was Graham Driver who played Lovely Nancy, Weasels Revenge and Vannitaise. Bernard Bamber then took to the stage and gave us The Boys From County Armagh, These Are My Mountains, Wicklow Hills and Katie Daley. I then played Black Mask Waltz and Oslo Waltz. It was time for Lindsay and Anthony to do their second spot, they started with Under Paris Skies and continued with Ecstasy, Jealousy, Niarta, Valley Of Echoes, Dede De Montmartre, Summertime In Venice, Spanish Eyes, Amapola, Yours, Tenderly and Moon River. Lindsay then played a solo session consisting of Sebidonka in 11/16 time, Bel Viso and Sonata inc -Clementi. It was almos the end of the night and so Anthony returned to the stage and the pair played Style Musette, Carte Postale and as an Encore they played Tico Tico in F.

David Batty


This Wednesday

This Wednesday is one of our local players concerts featuring some great local performers. If you have not played at the club or are nervous about doing so then please still bring your accordion along and maybe give us a tune, we look forward to hearing all players, not just those that have practiced religiously. Knowing that you might play at the club can help inspire you to practice more because you know that you have something to aim for. For the non players, you have an equally important job, that of providing a great audience for our local talent, a job you always do well. The club is not just about a musical instrument, it is a social club based around a musical instrument, so come along on Wednesday for a great concert and some great socialising. If you see a new visitor to the club, please go along and say hello. I am sure they will be pleased that you spoke to them. Doors open at 7.30pm.


Hohner Sponsor a Virtual Event

Hohner sponsored an online clinic with Flaco Jimenez at VideoRanch3D on Saturday March 20th. VideoRanch3D is owned by Michael Nesmith who you may know from The Monkees. The intention was to do something different online besides concerts. Flaco Jimenez talked about the Hohner Signature Series Accordion, his music, and the history of Tex-Mex music, attracting viewers from all over the world. Flaco Jimenez is to Tex-Mex music what Clifton Chenier was to Zydeco or Jimmy Shand to Scottish dance music. Tex-Mex is the accordion-driven folk music of the working class Americans of Mexican origin living in Texas, and Flaco Jimenez has consistently been the genre’s best-known and most commercially successful exponent worldwide.


Accordion For Sale

White Galanti 120 Bass accordion for sale, 11 right hand couplers and 3 left hand couplers. The accordion has a very nice sound courtesy of the very responsive Hand Made Reeds.This is a lovely accordion that has some unique features such as the Retractable Bellows Straps that retract in to the case of the accordion when not fastened. The bass couplers operate a set of dots on top of the accordion which show you (on a musical stave) which reeds are being used by the bass section.These are features that are unique to this make of accordion and so far this is the only accordion we have seen with them on although there must be others somewhere. The accordion comes with a modern padded rucksack case which currently retail at £90 new. Price £550 including a soft rucksack case. Telephone John Bradshaw 01254 261216, or view it at the club.

Andy Anderson

Roger ‘Andy’ Anderson, one of Britain’s most underrated accordionists died from cancer on March 7th at the age of 73. Andy played the Accordion and the piano, he had a great natural flair and facility with keyboard instruments. Andy is best known as an employee of John Leslie’s ‘Accordions of London’ and seen on the trade stands at accordion festivals for many years. Andy was also a brilliant accordionist and composer, whose talent was understated. Musically he owed much to the style of Django Reinhardt, yet had an originality that was admired by many. Andy played occasionally as the guest at accordion clubs, but was disinclined to pursue a career as a performer.Andy Anderson was a quiet, unassuming man, with a deeply held religious faith. He was well liked by all who knew him.

Fancy Being in a film?

I was sent this email a few days ago. A film company are in need of musicians and some cast for a new film, Hunky Dory- Producer Jon Finn (Billy Elliot) Director Marc Evans (Snow Cake, My Little Eye). The film is set in a Swansea school in 1976, and is being shot this summer.They are looking for two really good accordion/melodeon/concertina players to appear in the fllm as part of a school orchestra, as well as to record the music. As the film is set in a Swansea school, the players would need to look school age (11-18) and ideally be Welsh. Auditions are in Cardiff towards the end of April/beginning of May. Contact Eos Chater on hunkydoryauditions@hotmail.com

NAO UK Blackpool

It’s the Annual National Accordion Organisation UK Championships and festival in Blackpool next weekend the Friday 23rd till Sunday 25th April 2010, the rough programme is Friday evening welcome at the Metropole Hotel, Saturday and Sunday competitions in the newly refurbished Metropole Hotel, spectacular Saturday evening ceilidh, Sunday evening is farewell showtime.


Turn your computer into a virtual accordion

You can now have a go at playing various three row button accordions with the aid of your computer. Accordion Emulation uses a computer keyboard and space bar to emulate a three row button accordion without having to own one. Don’t expect to hear a stage performance but it does allow you to learn how to play one of these instruments if you dont own one. There is a choice of midi instruments if you want a change from the accordion sound and you can also choose the Key of the instrument. The software is available for Microsoft Windows and also for Apple Macintosh computers. The software includes the 12 bass buttons or plays uni-sonic bass notes for B/C/C#. How to Play: Hold the keyboard facing away from you with the Esc button at the top. Play the keys, using the space bar as it were the bellows. The escape key, the control key and the alt key may also be used as the bellows controls. If you don’t know how to play button accordion, see http://info.melodeon.net. You can download the software from http://code.google.com/p/accordion, click the downloads tab and then and click on the ‘SetupAccordion-1.01.exe’ link. This is an open source project so any developers can add to the program if they like.


The Lawrence Welk Show

The Lawrence Welk Show was the longest-running televised American musical variety show which was hosted by Lawrence Welk who was a big band leader. There are many videos of The Lawrence Welk Show on YouTube, most of these shows feature the Accordion. The main accrdionist on the show is
Myron Floren who appeared on the show regularly between 1950 and 1982. It is worth knowing that all the music played on The Lawrence Welk Show will have been broadcast live, unlike the music on today’s television where most of it is pre-recorded and the artist is miming. There were 1,065 episodes of the show recorded during its 32 year period. Most of the videos seem to be uploaded by a user called TVCollector71 you can view the videos on this website www.youtube.com/user/tvcollector71 or by searching in YouTube for “The Lawrence Welk Show” JoAnn Castle is also a regular accordionist/pianist on the show. Another American show to watch is “The Accordion Show” presented by Dale Wise who plays accordion. search YouTube for “The Accordion Show” and you will find all the videos that have been uploaded to YouTube.