Our November Concert

Our November concert started with Colin Ensor playing Secondary Waltz, At The Balalaika, Maigret and Getting Sentimental Over You. Our next player was Tom Bennett playing Elmers Tune, My Prayer and Moonlight Serenade. Ann Parker then took to the stage and gave us renditions of Beautiful Days and Bel Viso. It was now time for our guest artist Barry Graham to play. Barry started with The Can Can followed by Dark Island. After introducing himself he continued with Indifference, Triste Sourire, Luci Et Ombre, Summer Nights and a selection from Cats – These Andrew Lloyd Webber tunes were :- Journey To The Heavyside Layer, Bustopher Jones, The Cat About Town, Skimbleshanks, The Railway Cat and Memory. Barry continued his first half with Lolita, Espanola, Gutarnias, Torna A Sorriento (Return To Sorrento), It’s Now Or Never, Roses From The South and Hungarian Dance No 6. After changing Accordions to a Vintage Ranco he played Allo Allo, Bridges Of Paris, Song Of The Molin Rouge, Reine De Musette and to end his first half he played My Florence. During the break we had lots of social intercourse and a great atmosphere. After the break we were treatd to one of our new members Anna Livsey making her debut, Anna did a great job of playing Eidelweiss, Wooden Heart and Scotland The Brave. Our next player Rebecca Parker then entertained us with Dancing Doll (by Steve Roxton) and Moon River. Before our guest artist returned to the stage it was my turn to play, I just played the one piece, Alpine Breezes. Barry Graham returned to the stage for his second half. He started with Dance Of The Comedians, When I’m 64, Air On A G String, A Whiter Shade Of Pale combine Air On a Pale White G String, Sweet Dreams and Palladio. Caprice, Dizzy Fingers and The Young Prince And The Young Princess. Clarinet Polka, Lets Dance The Polka, Bel Viso and Lichtensteiner Polka, Mon Dieu, Hymn A L’Amour, Je Ne Regret Rien and Under The Skies Of Paris. Autumn Leaves, Mambo Italiana, A Nightingale Sang In Barclay Square, Tico Tico, Snow Train Shuffle and finished with Czardas. This had been a great concert courtesy of the talented and very entertaining Barry Graham. David Batty


Club Membership

I have again decided to keep club membership at £5 per year. This gets you this lovely newsletter delivered through the post every month and also gives you the £1 discount on each concert night. The £5 is just enough to cover stamps and envelopes for the year. You can pay your membership now or in January at the club, just see Elaine on the door. We gained four new members at a November practice night after finding us on the Internet. It’s nice to see new people discovering the club.


Guest Artists

I have booked David Vernon as our guest artist in January. David has to travel from Edinburgh to play for us so I have to put the admission up by £1 to help offset the costs. I have also booked Walter Perrie to play as our guest artist in July. Walter said that he has been playing a lot and will be playing about 70% new
material in July.


This Wednesday

This Wednesday is our Jacobs Join / Christmas party. We always have a great night in December as we enjoy the food we bring along, while listening to a very informal concert night. Once the food is uncovered the stage is open for anyone to play while we are all eating. This is the one night of the year where we talk through the performances. We usually have new duets formed or people playing things we dont normally hear. Doors open at 7.30 for an 8pm start. I will see you on Wednesday for the last concert of 2008.

David Batty


Christmas Party/ Jacobs Join

We are holding our usual Jacob’s Join and Christmas party this Wednesday December 17th. For those that don’t know the term, a Jacob’s Join is where we all bring along some item/s of food to club together and make a feast. People bring along some sandwiches, a cake, some sausage rolls, pork pies or something similar such as savoury items, and we all tuck into more food than you can shake a stick at while listening to whoever is on stage. Once the food is set up and ready, we have an open stage for players. This is an excellent night for people who haven’t played at the club or who dont play much, to have a go while everyone else is eating and half ignoring them. It is traditionally a night where new duets are formed, members show us their ‘other’ skills and we have a very entertaining night.


Spring Weekend Of Music Making

Folkus are holding a weekend of music making on 6th – 8th February 2009. The weekend is a teaching weekend of the Bodhran, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Melodeon, Voice and Whistle. The weekend is being held at Waddow Hall in Clitheroe, Lancashire. Booking forms are available from www.folkus.co.uk or Telephone: 01253 872317


Walter Perrie

Since I mentioned in the last newsletter about Walter Perries new CD, Walter has lost his mobile phone, as a result, the phone number I gave has now been changed to 07590 256868. You can also order the cd via email wpfemto1@liv.ac.uk


Accordion For Sale

Paolo Soprani Professionale IV for sale. It’s in very good condition, good action and lovely tone. Tuning is 16′, 8 + 8, 4′, with 7 bass couplers. I have photos that I can email, or you can email me with any questions. I’m looking for £850 ono. I’m in Leeds and you are welcome to come to see it! Email Phil on info@moishesbagel.co.uk.


David Vernon CD

Reeds United
1. Jewish Medley, Jerusalem Of Gold, Zemiratik, Alseryelt, Frailach No.12
2. Castlelaw Set (D Lee), Castlelaw, Autumn Returns, Hendersons Reel
3 .The Solway Aire ( D Vernon)
4. Belchenski Horo From Bulgaria.
5. 12th Street Rag
6. Pontefiore (D Lee) A romantic Italianate tune.
7. Excelsior ( D Vernon)
8. Scandinavian Set, Helsedem Derhemma, Wild Forest Flower, Skkijarven, Viggen.
9. Godfather Set, Godfather Waltz, Connies Wedding, Love Theme.
10. Jewish Horas 7.40 Train, Yidden.

£12 from all good record shops, or post free from their website:-


Accordions At Witney

From the 21st to the 22nd of February 2009 Accordions At Witney are holding an accordion workshop featuring Murray Grainger, Paul Hutchinson, Becky Price and Dave Townsend. The workshop Courses are Understanding Harmony, New Tunes for Accordion, Playford & Co., Smart Stuff, Central French Dance Music, The Boldwood Sound, Right-hand Accompaniments and Harmonies and Northern Band. The cost of attending this event is £80. Further details and booking forms can be found on the www.handsonmusic.org.uk website.


Eastbourne Festival Programme

The programme for The Eastbourne Accordion Festival starting on Friday 20th February 2009 has been published and so far it is as follows… 2.00 Arrival and check in., 3.00 Welcome cup of tea in the Bar, 4.00 Gennaro Fiondella, 4.30 Richard Adey, 6.00 – 7.30 Dinner, 8.00 Stefan Andrusyschyn, 8.30 Harry Hussey, 9.00 Interval, 9.00 Ian Watson and Julie North, 9.45 Interval , 10.00 Steve Roxton, 10.45 Interval, 11.00 John Romero, 11.30 Guest Busking session led by Harry Hussey.
Saturday 9.00 Seminar – Gennaro Fiondella – Orchestra, 10.00 Seminar – Trevani, 10.00 Seminar – Sue Bennett – Absolute Beginners, 11.00 Seminar – Angie Lukins – Folk and Barn Dance, 11.00 Seminar – Harry Hussey – Jazz , 12.00 Seminar – Ian Watson and Julie North, 1.00 Lunchtime – Harry Hussey, 2.00 Charlie Watkins in Concert, 3.00 Guests Concert – Hosted by Gennaro Fiondella, 4.00 Complimentary cup of tea in the Ballroom accompanied with music with Richard Adey, 6.00 – 7.30 Dinner, 8.00 Ian Watson and Julie North, 8.30 Stefan Andrusyschyn, 9.00 Interval, 9.15 Harry Hussey, 9.45 Steve Roxton, 10.30 Barn Dance, 11.30 Gennaro Fiondella.
Sunday 9.00 Seminar – Gennaro Fiondella – Orchestra, 10.00 Seminar – Trevani, 10.00 Seminar – Sue Bennett Absolute Beginners, 11.00 Seminar – Angie Lukins – Folk and Barn Dance, 11.00 Seminar – Harry Hussey – Jazz, 12.00 Seminar – Ian Watson and Julie North, 1.00 Lunchtime – Richard Adey, 2.00 Orchestra and Seminar Concert, 3.00 Harry and Guests – hosted by Harry Hussey, 4.00 Tea in the Ballroom accompanied with music, 6.00 – 7.30 Dinner, 7.45 Richard Adey, 8.15 Ian Watson and Julie North, 8.45 Break, 9.00 Stefan Andrusyschyn, 10.00 Break, 10.15 Charity Raffle, 10.30 Steve Roxton, 11.15 Party time Pro Jam Session, 11.30 Party time Guest Jam Session led by Harry Hussey Monday 8.00 – 9.30 Breakfast, 10.00 – 11.00 Farewell Concert and Goodbye. For further details of the above event call John Romero on 01323 733700.


Refurbished Accordion For Sale

Last month I wrote that I had an accordion for sale, but despite a few people being interested in this I forgot to take the accordion to the club as promised in the newsletter, so I am mentioning it again and I do plan to take it this time. Original advert follows>>
Recently I had one of my accordions completely tuned and serviced by Birmingham Accordion Centre. This is a Scandalli accordion that you haven’t seen played at the club before. Since having the accordion completely tuned, I have decided to save up for a five voice Bugari! So for that reason, I am selling this one to make room for another accordion in the house, and to contribute to funding my forthcoming purchase. The accordion for sale is a Black Scandalli Custom Built Model. It has 9 treble couplers with 2 repeats, 2 bass couplers, 41 Keys and 120 Bass buttons. The accordion is priced at £450 for a quick sale. Telephone myself David Batty on 01772 454328, or see the accordion at the club on Wendesday. Its probably rare to find an accordion for sale that has just had a complete overhaul and tuning but I didnt know this other one was coming up for sale!


Maria Kalaniemi

The programme Late Junction is on BBC Radio Three ( also on Sky channel 0103) on Tuesday 6th January 2009. The programme starts at 23:15 through to 01:00. This 1 hour and 45 minutes programme is hosted by Fiona Talkington who introduces a varied musical selection, including accordionist Maria Kalaniemi recorded in concert at the 2008 Kaustinen Festival in Finland and Austrian electronica from Fennesz’s new album Black Sea.