Our February Concert

Colin Ensor was our opening act at our February concert, playing The Blacksmith, Pavements Of Paris, Crazy, Mouline Rouge, Charmaine, Reine De Musette and Why Did You Make Me Care. David Rigby then took to the stage and interacted with the audience during his act taking requests for Spinning Wheel, Whispering Hope, After The Ball Is Over, Daisy Bell, Highland Cathederal, The Good Old Summertime, Dark Island and The Old Rugged Cross. Our next player Basil Berry then played some Irvin Berlin tunes:- I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm, Cheek To Cheek, Isn’t It A Lovely Day, A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody and S’Wunderful. Bernard Belshaw then took us to the break with You Make Me Feel So Young, The Allo Allo Theme, Blaze Away, Michelle, Floral Dance, Desafinado and Spanish Gypsy Dance. It was now break time, and as usual the general chat and social intercourse. After the break, we started with Rebecca Parker playing Moon River before I continued the entertainment with Oslo Waltz, Black Mask Waltz, Magic Roundabout and Triste Sourire. John Lennox was next on to the stage playing L’Accordeoniste, Padam Padam and Autumn Leaves. Graham Driver then gave us renditions of Road To The Isles, The Pullett, Weasels Revenge, Portobello Hornpipe, Lemmy Brazil’s Hornpipe and Jacqueline Waltz. After the break we heard Harry Davis playing Fernando, Spanish Eyes, The Music Of The Night, Any Dream Will Do and Memory. Gerard Dawber then took his place on stage playing two morris dance tunes including Crossing the Alps. It was almost 11pm now and just time to finish with a set of tunes from Graham Driver, Graham gave us The Harry Lime Theme, El Cumbanchero, Moulin Rouge, Thats Amore, Wonderful Copenhagen and to finish – The Radetsky March. As usual we had a great night and we finally left the room about 11.30. David Batty


Paolo Soprani For Sale

A 120 base Paolo Soprani is in need of a new home. Lady owner would be very happy to exchange with a smaller lighter piano accordion. For details: please contact heidi@weddingcakes.uk.net


Computer Training

I know I have mentioned it before but if you know of anyone looking for computer courses then please tell them to visit www.skillsacademy.co.uk and ask about one of the fabulous courses there, or ask me at the club for a business card/cards to hand to them. The courses are better value for money than local college courses even though I say so myself. I normally teach for various colleges, local prisons and businesses. I teach pupils in various schools as a travelling IT specialist teacher, and I also train the IT staff in schools so they can teach the kids. I decided to create this website to promote classes I deliver locally which are open to the general public. When I teach for colleges I have to fill in lots of forms and paperwork for each student, this has to be done for the college to claim funding etc. I decided to run the same courses myself, but without all the irritating form filling, instead concentrating on the subject at hand. I have plenty of cards if you know where they can be handed out, many thanks in advance.


This Wednesday

This Wednesday is going to be a great concert featuring Steve Roxton from Jersey. Steve has played at the club several times before, including our opennig night back in November 1997. This promises to be a night of classical, French, German, English, Continental and singalong music. Steve has some new material that we haven’t heard before and, as usual, his performance varies depending on the audience, even Steve doesn’t know what exactly he will be doing until he does it. This will be a great entertaining night and Steve will have CD’s, his video and his newly released DVD on sale. Doors open at 7.30 for an 8pm start. Please bring your family and friends. I will See you on Wednesday. David Batty


Accordion Extravaganza

On 2nd March, the All-day Accordion Extravaganza took place at Doncaster Racecourse, 10.30am till 10.30pm, organised by enthusiast Harry Kipling. This was a great day out, and if you missed it then you missed out. There were concert performances from Pearl Fawcett Adriano, Romano Viazzani, Harry Hussey, Alan Young, Sam Pirt & The Hut People, Bill Sables (banjo), and the Burton Ensemble. There was a Roland V Accordion demo, refreshments, plus a trade show. The purely accordion entertaiment was punctuated by a Jazz band which were later joined by Harry Hussey and Alan Young on accordion. This was a really good day out, well worth the entrance fee. There were a good number of people that turned up but there were probably a hundred or more that I expected to be there. Most people stayed from morning right through to the end and went home very happy. The organiser Harry Kipling said he plans to do it all again next year so I advise you look out for it mentioned in this newsletter nearer the time


Guest Artist Booked

I have booked Harry Hussey as our guest artist in May. I haven’t booked Harry for a long time because I have seen him here there and everywhere I have been, but whenever I was thinking of who to get as our next guest artist, I hadn’t realised that I hadn’t seen Harry at Leyland for ages. For those of you who don’t know Harry, he comes with no idea of his programme and instead asks the audience to shout out what he should play. As long as its pre-1960 there is a good chance Harry will know and play it for you. Make sure you don’t miss this concert.


Transivox Cable and Amp Wanted

I have been given a Farfisa Transivox accordion, but it is missing the 16 pin cable and amp. I have searched for over a year now, desperate to find one. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Please telephone
Christena on 07950 415380 or email me at petbe1@btinternet.com


Sonola Double Cassotto

120 bass piano accordion with 10 couplers in crescent shape design. Great bassoon and clarinet tones with a light Italian mussette. This is being sold at just £790 which is half the shop price. I have played a AA20 and this is very similar. Comes with good strong case. Carraige to UK mainland is about £15 Contact me for photo or to listen to it over the phone. email can be supplied on request Tel Peter on 020 8977 6680 (Office Day)
020 8977 2250 (Evening)


Accordion World

In the last newsletter I told you about the death of David Keen. I was asked by a few people what will happen with the magazine seeing as David was central to its production. I have been informed that Accordion World magazine will continue to be produced and subscribers should see the magazine continue as normal in future.


Steve Roxton

Seeing as he is our guest artist this Wednesday I thought you might like a potted history of Steve Roxtons career…
From a very early age, Steve appeared in the local cubs and scouts “gang shows” as singing voice in the chorus, and went on to become a member of the church choir of St. Mark’s, Preston. As a boy soprano he was able to study four part harmony and had the opportunity to use the church’s three manual organ on a regular basis. He studied theory at the town’s reference library. One night, Steve saw the “Syd Lewis’s Broadcasting Accordion Band” play locally. There were 21 accordions, and a concert drummer complete with timpani and tubular bells. From that very first encounter with accordions Steve knew it was the instrument for him, he pestered the band leader to take him on as an additional singer with the band. Steve was able to borrow an accoridon on coach trips with the band and he also purchased a tutor book and borrowed a spare accordion. He extended his repertoire in the direction of Irish music, and found a second hand accordion for sale. He was able to sit in with an established Irish dance band once a week, gaining playing experience providing music for both Irish dancing and English ballroom dancing. A little over a year later he was approached by an established clubland trio called the “Rondelees”. There were two forty minutes spots to learn to support a guitarist and singer’s established routine and the chosen keys to enable the singer to pitch numbers in his vocal range were not easy keys to play in. The trio continued to be a success and appeared in all the best clubs in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria and Cheshire. Just when things seemed to be running smoothly the singer was taken ill and was unable to continue with the trio. In order not to loose bookings Steve and the guitarist Ron honored the bookings as a duo, Having learned most of the former singers numbers. The act, which had been dominated by big ballads and show songs was now livened up with rock n roll, sing along medleys and jigs and reels. The accordion was no longer just accompaniment, it was now a major contribution to the act. Some two years later when Ron announced he was to be a father soon, he dropped the bombshell that he would not be continuing on the club scene after the child was born. Just like the time when the trio had been reduced to a duo, Steve opted to carry on with the existing advanced bookings and was delighted when he found he could go it alone. After playing for several years in The Tyrolean Summer Show on St Anne’s pier, Steve started playing at the newly opened Bier Keller in Blackpool. This led to more work at Bier Kellers in Newcastle, Nottingham, Leicester and Southport. Steve then spent 3 years playing Bier Keller material at Butlins in Pwllheli North Wales. An appearance on Opportunity Knocks then led to various radio and tv appearances. Steve released his first LP ‘Bier Keller British Style’ and was in great demand on the clubland circuit. Steves next work was in Gothenburg Sweden for three summer seasons, playing five 45 minute spots each night ! Between seasons, Steve was booked to play at Hamilton in Bermuda for six months at the Horse and Buggy steak restaurant. After his final Swedish season, Steve was returning to England when the ferry hit a rock and rolled over on its side. After a 2 hour rescue, steve had several weeks wait before his car and accordion were rescued from the hold of the ship and had to be sent for specialist drying/cleaning. Steve was then was requested to play a season in Jersey. This season extended to over 20 years of playing 7 days a week at clubs, hotels and private venues all over the island. Steve Started two accordion clubs in Jersey and currently plays in Jersey from April to December, touring Europe and England from January to March. This was a greatly abridged version of Steve’s full story which can be found on www.steveroxton.co.uk website.