Our July Concert

Our July concert started with Colin Ensor playing Reine De Musette, Music Maestro Please, Domino and Getting Sentimental Over You. Basil Berry was our next performer playing Chattanooga Choo Choo, Moonlight Serenade, At Last, Dream and Serenade In Blue. Leading up to our guest artist was Dugald McCallum who played Fordlands 2 Step, Aint Misbehaving and Cowshed Ballet. It was now time for our guest artist Barry Graham to play, Barry was making his debut as a guest artist but you would have had no idea from what we were about to hear. He started his first half on his MIDI accordion, playing Myfanwy, Unchained Melody and Autumn Leaves. His next tunes were a set of around 8 tunes from the musical Cats which were followed by Cuckoo Hornpipe. Barry then did an accordion change to his acoustic only Guerrini accordion. Playing I Should Have Known Better, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Yesterday, When I’m 64 and an Irish Medley. The slow piece Memory was followed by Hoy Tune and Lucie E Ombre. Tico Tico was the next piece with Trumpet Hornpipe to follow. With just a few minutes until the break, Graham finished his first half with Bel Viso and Lichtenstein Polka. After the break, we continued the entertainment with Bernard Belshaw playing At Last, How Can I Be Sure, Blaze Away and Wonderful Copenhagen. Tom Bennett was next playing All I Ask Of You and Starlight Express. After I had played one tune it was time for Barry to start his second half. The first piece was something from Tosca followed by Poet And Peasant Overture which lasted nine and a half minutes. The next tunes were an Irish set starting with The Slide before continuing to a lament and some fast reels. Dark Island led to Bluebell Polka, Danny Boy and In My Liverpool Home. The slow tune Fields Of Athenry was followed by the faster Whiskey In The Jar and then Maggie May. It was getting close to the end of the evening. So, to finish, Barry played The Hippopotamous Song, Rondo Alaturk, Mon Dieu – Mon Dieu and finally, to finish, Montes Czardas. Barry had provided us with a wide range of music in a great many styles, we could not have asked for a better night. I know I have to book his return in the near future as I received many comments from people leaving at the end of the night saying what a great night it had been. David Batty


Organ Keyboard And Accordion

Alan Venn is holding another of his Organ Keyboard and Accordion events from the 1st to 5th of October 2007, in the Annan Hotel at Llandudno. This features Andrew Seddon and Ian Wolstenholme on keyboard, and Harry Hussy on Accordion. You can ring Alan on 01204 840279 for more details.


72 Bass Accordion For Sale

Chanson 72 Bass Red accordion for sale, this is a lovely accordion that you normally hear played at the practice nights, I have a genuine reason for sale. This accordion has 34 keys on the right hand side with 5 treble couplers. The price is £250 Telephone John on 01257 427454.


Coupe Mondiale

This accordion competition is coming to this country next year, it will be held in Glasgow from the 22nd to 26th of October 2008. I will publish more details when they are available.


Roland C System For Sale

Roland FR7B Accordion 5 row C system in grey. This is in as new condition with charger/foot pedals, leads, spare buttons, cases, etc. £2150 or near offer. This electronic accordion is in the Lancaster area. Tel. 07870 568298


This Wednesday

This Wednesday we have a local players concert featuring our own local players, I look forward to seeing you there. Dont forget to bring your accordion to play us a few tunes. If you have an accordion for sale then bring it along with a for sale sign and advertise it on the stage. Bring your family and friends along and I will See you on Wednesday…. David Batty


He’s Not Dead!

I spent an enjoyable evening at the house of Leonard Groves at Thornton recently. We had a great time busking along with each other. Leonard is a great player and such a good busker. He spent many years as a professional accordionist playing his Farfisa accordion to holidaymakers and the like. Leonard asked me to let everyone at the club know that he’s not dead! He has had difficulty in getting to our concerts and he was saddened that our picnic/concert was cancelled this year. Leonard said he will make an effort to get to one of our concerts so if you see him please say hello. In the meantime I am fulfilling my promise to make sure you know that he is not dead!


72 Bass Guerrini For Sale

GUERRINI Piano Accordion 72 Bass (Ramona 3) for sale. This is black with decoration and Pearlised Keys, 3 Voice Bassoon and Clarinet + Middle off set reeds, 7 Treble and 2 Bass Couplers. Complete with lockable Hard Case, fully lined, Beautiful Instrument, Lovely Quality, Excellent Condition, Price, £1,100 o.n.o. Tel: – 01772 864887 or 07740105641 Email: – anncordion.parker@btinternet.com


Weaver Valley 25th Anniversary

The Weaver Valley Accordion Band is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary with a concert featuring Pearl Fawcett-Adriano with support from The Weaver Valley Accordion Band who will be performing pieces from their new CD which was recorded earlier this year. The event will be held on Friday 28th of September 2007 at The Frodsham Community Hall, Fluin Lane, Frodsham, Cheshire. The event runs from 7.30 to 10.30pm. Tickets are £6from Chris Green on 01925 757660, 07759 211362 or email tchggreen@hotmail.com.


Eastbourne Accordion Festival

There are now limited places available at Eastbourne Accordion Festival, the hotel is almost full. The event features Oleg Sharov, Mauro Carra, Julie Best, Harry Hussey, George Syrett, Alastair Cameron and John Romero. Teachers at the event are Sue Bennett, Jean Hanger, Harry Hussey, Angie Lukins and Trevani. Traders exhibiting are Carillon Studios, The Accordion Shop, Roland UK, Geoff Holter Accordions, Stan Mayhew and Trevani. The cost of the weekend is £189 per person. Bookings can be made by telephoning 01323 733700. The February date for Eastboune Accordion Festival has now been announced as 15th to 18th February 2008 and the October date as 10th to 13th of October. Telephone 01323 733700 for details of any of these events.


NAO In Blackpool Next Year

As I mentioned at the last club night, the NAO festival is moving from its present home at Scarborough, to Blackpool. It will be at its new home from the 25th to 28th of April 2008. The event will be held in two places in Blackpool, firstly the Metropole Hotel (which is the only hotel in Blackpool on the beach side of the promenade) and the North Pier. The website advertises · Accordion Competitions for soloists, duets, groups and bands, workshops by the greatest international specialists, Friday evening welcome concert at The Metropole Hotel with an international concert. Saturday and Sunday competitions on The North Pier, The Theatre, The Carousel Bar, The Exhibition Room, The Metropole Concert Lounge and two other competition areas. Spectacular Saturday evening Ceilidh with Gary Blair and his band. Then on Sunday evening, a farewell showtime concert. There will be a full trade show and also an after hours and open stage in the Metropole Hotel. For your meals you get:- Arrive Friday optional evening meal, Saturday breakfast and evening meal, Sunday breakfast and evening meal and Monday early bird breakfast. The cost of the weekend is £72 per person. Visit http://accordions.com/nao/ for more details. Remember to book your place at this event soon.


Princess Parade, Promenade,
Blackpool, Lancashire FY1 1RQ
Tel: 0845 838 1002
Fax: 0845 838 0721
Reservations LoCall: 0845 838 1002


Accordions For Sale

At our last practice night we had 18 accordions for sale on the stage, these have been brought in to the country from Eastern Europe. There were a large selection of button accordions with 3 or 4 piano accordions in the collection. The accordions were on sale mostly between £30 and £50, to anyone whowas interested in a little cleaning, repair and retuning work.


Victoria Piano Accordion For Sale

This is a 120 Bass ladies model in Black, it is equivalent in size to a 96 Bass accordion. This 3 Voice accordion has Bassoon, Clarinet + Middle off set reeds. 5 Treble and 2 Bass couplers. This comes complete with a fully lined hard case. Good condition with a lovely rich sound. The price is £550 o.n.o. Tel: – 01772 864887 or 07740105641 Email: – anncordion.parker@btinternet.com


Picnic Cancelled

Our annual picnic/concert was cancelled this year due to the field being covered in water. I did mention this at the last club night. On the Saturday I sat for ages with my mobile phone, ringing round all the people who receive the newsletter but who were not at the club night and who had provided me with their phone number. I am glad to say that the cancellation was successful and I managed to ensure that nobody turned up on the Sunday. It is not possible to reschedule the picnic this year so we will assume that we would have had a good time! We can instead look forward to next years picnic.